New LL12 Series Box Scrapers

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Key Features
  • Adjustable clevis hitch
  • Hydraulically control scraper height
  • Internal braces and reinforcements
  • Side cutters

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Grading blade creates cutting action
Cuts, levels, and smooths dirtCuts, levels, and smooths dirt

Frontier™ LL Series Drawn Box Blades are equipped with a 152.4-mm (6-in.) tall, 15.9-mm (0.63-in.) thick grading blade that creates a cutting action while leveling and smoothing dirt.

Tilt option available for axle
Hydraulic cylinder tilt shownHydraulic cylinder tilt shown

The optional tilt is designed to allow the box scraper's axle to be raised up to 6 in. on the left side for purposes such as grading ditches and crowning sides of the road.

There are two tilt options available: turnbuckle or hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulically control the height
LL13 Series shownLL13 Series shown
LL12 Series shownLL12 Series shown

Hydraulically controlling the height of the scraper creates ease for the operator and allows more precision, accuracy, and a smoother finish no matter the Frontier™ LL Series Drawn Box Scraper used.

Internal braces and reinforcements create a durable design
A moldboard internal brace is featuredA moldboard internal brace is featured
Side plates are internally bracedSide plates are internally braced

The LL12 Series Drawn Box Scraper's moldboard is constructed of a 6.4-mm (0.25-in.) thick, rolled steel plate and has multiple internal braces for a very durable design. The side plates are internally braced for extra strength.

Adjustable clevis hitch
Levels scraper to tractor and moreLevels scraper to tractor and more

The LL12 Series Drawn Box Scraper comes standard with an adjustable clevis hitch. This hitch levels the scraper to the tractor, collects dirt, and helps prevent side plate wear.

Larger tires provide consistent leveling and better flotation
Larger tires for better leveling and flotationLarger tires for better leveling and flotation

The larger 9.5 L-15 tires provide consistent leveling and better flotation on the LL12 Series Drawn Box Scrapers.

Side cutters have longer life
Side cutters are adjustableSide cutters are adjustable

The adjustable side cutters are reversible and replaceable, providing longer wear life to the side plates, resulting in convenience and savings.