Rotary Cutters & Shredders

The John Deere fleet of rotary cutters and shredders for sale offers a variety of farm implements including 14 models of standard, medium and heavy-duty rotary cutters, and 7 models of flail mowers and flail cutters for tractors. These John Deere farm implements will be useful when needing to work land with overgrown grass, weeds or shrubs. Rotary cutter blades can cut through the growth into the ground to allow for planting, fertilizing and allow access to the dirt for water, while flail mowers and flail shredders have blades or knives constructed to cut the overgrowth into fine pieces and mow this type of land in a much more thorough and powerful way that a standard mower can’t handle. Please browse the specs and features and contact us for in-stock availability.